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1981 Harbilt Eelectric Van and 1973 W & E Electric Milk Float

1981 Harbilt Eelectric Van and 1973 W & E Electric Milk Float

W & E is Wales and Edwards, a British manufacturer of milk floats based in Harlescott, Shrewsbury. They were particularly well known for their three wheelers. It was one of the oldest milk float manufacturers lasting from the early 1940s to the early 1990s. In 1989, the company was acquired by Smith Electric Vehicles. Why 'float'? Here's one answer: 'before the widespread use of electric vehicles, milk was delivered by horse and cart. The cart was of specific design with a dropped axle and large wheels which allowed for smoother travel over rough surfaces due to lower centre of gravity. This type of cart is known as a float and since they carried milk, the name milk float was adopted. Once the old float carts were replaced with the electric vehicles, the name was also transferred so the electric vehicles became and are still known as milk floats.'

Harbilt Electrics Trucks was a British manufacturer of milk floats, other battery electric road vehicles and a variety of battery electric vehicles designed for industrial use rather than on the public roads. This one looks like the sort of thing you used to see at railway stations.

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